Education in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankas population is highly educated with a literacy rate of 92%, higher than that expected for a third world country. Sri Lanka has one of the highest literacy rates of South Asia.This can mainly be attributed to the free education system in Sri Lanka.

  • Administration
    From primary to higher education, are primarily funded and overseen by three governmental ministries.[1]

    Ministry of Education – For schools, pirivenas (Schools for Buddhist priests), Teachers Training Colleges and Colleges of Education. Ministry of Higher Education – For Universities and Technical Colleges. Ministry of Education Services – For supplying the physical facilities required for general education.

    However exceptions to this system exists. Mostly when it comes to tertiary with several public universities and institutes coming under the purview of different ministries. These divisions have led to a high degree of mismanagement and inefficiency over the years.

Education in Sri Lanka

Educational oversight Ministry of Education
Ministry of Higher Education
National education budget Rs. (5.4% of GDP) (2007)
Primary language(s) Sinhala,Tamil and English
Provincial system
Compulsory Education = 9 yrs
Literacy (2003)
• Men
• Women

14,000 (10-12%)

Secondary diploma
Post-secondary diploma
< %

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